LadyAgri Impact Investment Hub is built on 3 pillars

Women agri-entrepreneurs can access our services under each of the pillars.

  • PILLAR I – Technical Assistance

    Technical assistance, coaching, mentoring of agri-entrepreneurs so they may grow their agri-businesses access new markets and reach bankable status
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    Linking agri-businesses with the finance community, social impact funds, through which women-agri- entrepreneurs can develop and upscale their businesses
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    Agri-business B2B Partnerships, engaging the private sector in the drive to bring new agri-equipment, food processing technology, packaging to the agri-value and food supply chains in Africa
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Pillar 1: Technical assistance, mentoring, coaching

The LadyAgri Impact Investment Hub provides agri-businesses with technical capacity building. and support at all stages of their growth cycle. Through the work of our members, field experts, and investment team, we:

  • Identify and assess risks for women led agri-business projects.
  • Assess and assist women ensuring their projects have a scalable social, environmental and climate-resilient business model.
  • Provide technical assistance, in the form of training and coaching to support women agri-entrepreneurs to raise capital and reach bankable status.
  • Accompany our LadyAgri investees throughout their financing journey.
  • Provide a platform for public and private investors and investees to discuss projects.
  • Undertake market studies and gap analysis for funds or private companies to assess the situation of women-led value chains they are considering for investment.
  • Support agri-businesses who wish to invest in strengthening their supply chains with a gender lens.
  • Provide financial and agri-business market advice on how to position agri-products, run an ethical and sustainable agri-business and agri-service positively impacting women.

Pillar 2: We link women in agri-business to the finance community

The LadyAgri Impact Investment Hub holds a valuable pipeline of projects ready for investment. Through the work of our investment and technical advisory team, we:

  • Link our most promising agri-business entrepreneurs with the finance community, social responsible investors that commit to our principles of investing for impact.
  • Work with international financial service providers providing, debt, equity, mezzanine finance as well as insurance products.
  • Pre-vet the projects with LadyAgri technical experts before presenting them to any investment officers.
  • Defend the interests of the agri-businesses and only facilitate access to socially responsible investors who wish to accelerate their gender lens investment portfolio.
  • Serve as a bridge between the public investment and private investment by sourcing, vetting, carrying out risk assessments through our network of experts in African Caribbean and Pacific countries.
  • Work with local commercial banks with a gender lens and interest in growing their agri-business portfolio and women SME customer base.
  • Bridge the investment risk gap by securing institutional funds and first loss guarantees through local financial institutions.

Pillar 3: B2B Agri-business and Food Technology Partnerships

The LadyAgri Impact Investment Hub encourages private sector actors to become partners. Through the work of our field experts and technical advisory team, we:

  • Facilitate B2B partnerships with agri-business buyers and suppliers of agricultural technical equipment or know-how and provide access to production & processing technology.
  • Establish partnerships  geared towards agri-enterprise modernisation and competitive needs.
  • Assist European SME’s, Agri-business companies with identifying possibilities of adaptation of their technologies to meet the needs of the African, regional, local, agricultural sector.
  • Work with private companies wishing to increase their gender-focus and impact.
  • Boost the gender lens in support provided to commodity agri-value-chains ie cocoa and coffee.
  • Provide government and public relations support, to ensure compliancy and alignment with trade policies and raise awareness amongst.