Our Network

The LadyAgri Impact Investment Hub is a network of International and African professionals supporting women agri-entrepreneurs in Africa and Small Island Developing States. We have experts across 30 African countries. Our boots on the ground approach allows us to have our fingers on the pulse of market fluctuations and the reality faced by agri-entrepreneurs. We mobilise our experts quickly and efficiently and provide appropriate solutions for local agri-businesses. Our International experts work in tandem with our local experts ensuring we are at the cutting edge of market requirements, local, regional and global.

LadyAgri Social Impact Charter

All LadyAgri entrepreneurs commit and comply with the LadyAgri Social Impact Charter.Their commitment helps to protect and advance the socio-economic interests of women in their supply chain, their agri-businesses and communities. By committing to re-investing in the community, our projects contribute directly to i.a. health insurance schemes for women and education funds for girls. Through attentiveness to quality, their businesses help to ensure food security and improved nutrition for families and communities.

LadyAgri Businesses

Our primary beneficiaries are agri-businesses that are at least 51% woman-owned, woman-led, and in an agri- value chain traditionally dominated by women producers.We also support gender smart agri-businesses who are not women led but want to include, value and strengthen women in their agri-supply chains as suppliers, employees or who want to grow their female agri-customer client base. Through our work under Pillar 1 (coaching/mentoring) we help our agri-entrepreneurs to see the importance of social impact, climate-resilience, environmental protection, and strive for a circular economy in their resource-use. We ensure that our agri-businesses demonstrate ‘best practices’ and are in line with the fundamental principles of the EU ‘GREEN DEAL’ supported by the African Union. Under Pillar 3 we facilitate B2B linkages to buyers and agri-business suppliers creating virtuous trade relationships and technology sharing between the EU and African Union.

Social impact through Women

  • Women entrepreneurs invest at home. Given the current migration crisis between rural and urban areas, between countries and at continental scale, investing in women who are traditionally less mobile than men naturally translate into a positive ‘rising tide’ for the whole community.
  • LadyAgri women entrepreneurs are investing in their locality, creating jobs, upskilling youth and women workers and providing market access for women farmers.
  • Gender lens investment into projects targeting women triples impact. Improving womens’ access to agricultural training, agri-inputs, equipment, mechanisation improves women’s’ yields and farm revenue. When women’s revenue increases, school enrolment rises, family health and nutrition improve.
  • Investing into women agri-entrepreneurs working at the processing stage of the agri-value chains, reduces food loss and adds value thereby increasing market price.
  • When women led agri-MSME’s, cooperatives and women farmer groups thrive, communities thrive. Stronger participation of women agri-entrepreneurs in agri-producer representation strengthen women’s influence over decision making and local leadership dynamics.
  • LadyAgri women entrepreneurs reinvest beyond the walls of their company into the wellbeing of their farmers, employees and customers.
  • Processing, packaging and added value to primary commodities reduces risk, increases profit share and opens market access for women led businesses as well as job creation.

LadyAgri Quality Label

We know each of our agri-entrepreneurs and their agri-businesses and we strive to build trust throughout the agri-value chains. Any of the agri-businesses working with LadyAgri must comply with respecting the highest quality standards in food safety, environmental and social standards. If compliant, the agricultural products emanating from our projects qualify for the LadyAgri “Made by Women” quality label.

This label has been set up by LadyAgri as an emblem of fair & inclusive trade business practices.By creating a new profile for women agricultural entrepreneurs, our quality label helps to raise business capacity and economic

resilience and guarantee investors and customers that Women are valued and considered by the agri-businesses we support.

LadyAgri aims to ensure that the LadyAgri Quality label is recognised under the African-EU trade agreements and the African Continental Free Trade Agreement. These trade agreements must work for women.

As a result, our beneficiaries are empowered to seize local and cross-border business opportunities and market access while reassuring the end customer.