LadyAgri Impact Investment Hub aims to inspire, disrupt and connect by bringing together women agri- entrepreneurs innovators and business angel investors, philanthropists and public donors.

    Together we are committed to promoting Gender Smart Investment in Agriculture & Agri Value Chains. Women are present throughout the agri-value chains from farm to fork. If we want sustainable agri-supply chains, investing in women is simply SMART ECONOMICS !

    LadyAgri members share the conviction that it is the time to shine the light on women’s actual contribution to agr- supply chains and services by investing in them, sot hey may reach their full potential and contribute actively to ECONOMIC GROWTH AND JOB CREATION.

Women are at all different stages of the agri-value chain and food economy in Africa.:


of primary agricultural production is carried out by women


of food processing


of food distribution


of restaurants and food services

Source: LadyAgri Market Assessment Study 2019

OCDE/CSAO (2019), Women and Trade Networks in West Africa, West African Studies, Éditions OCDE, Paris.

Even though women are key operators throughout the agri-value chain from farm to fork, their access to land, equipment, mechanisation, inputs, financing, new farming practices, markets and business development opportunities remains limited. As a result, the development of their business stagnates, and they are not able to reach their full potential as agri-entrepreneurs.

Investing in women is simply smart economics. This has been acknowledged by the European Union, the African development bank, the European Investment Bank, the World Bank and now all the Development Finance Institutions (DFI’s) who have signed up to the 2XChallenge. Impact investing in female agri-entrepreneurs helps to create more jobs and prepares a sustainable, long-term path for young women to follow.

There is N0 shortage of Funds!. The finance community including development banks, commercial banks and social impact funds find it challenging to source an adequate pipeline of bankable projects with a gender lens. LadyAgri bridges this divide by linking bankable women led agri-businesses with the financial and investment community through pre-investment technical assistance. Once the investment is granted we stay with the agri-business throughout the investment lifecycle supporting them to get to the next growth stage.